A. Huxley in Sanary

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Cap de La Gorguette, Sanary, Var, June 23 1930

'...we are just moving in a little house here on the Meditteranean. It's a lovely place, though, hot and sunny, and the provencal people are very descent […]
if you ever condescend to revisit the Old World, do remember our address, 30mn from Marseilles, 10 from Toulon.'

'Yours sincerely, Aldous HuxleyLetter adressed to the Hon. Dorothy BRETT in 'Letters of Aldous Huxley', edited by Grover Smith, Harper & Row Publisher, 1969'

For seven years at La Gorguette it was for me the best of both worlds...


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1 - What I already knew of Aldous Huxley
1.1 First contacts with his work
1.2 Discovering facts about Sanary before the Second World War
1.3 Between print and web, the lost biography

2 -A find and a loss, both unexpected
2.1 Some valuable material waiting to be shared
2.2 My first source of information
2.3 The main witness

3 - The observations of others on life at La Gorguette
3.1 The second witnesses: Guy and Jean Kisling
3.2 The third witness: Mrs Sybille Bedford
3.3 Throughout Europe in search of elements

4- The story of Fosca Gori
4.1 Making the finest choice
4.2 'For me it was the best of both worlds'
4.3 From a walk on the site of 'Villa Huxley'


A Condensed Biography
A.1 The Early Years
A.2 Out of England
A.3 The friendship with DH Lawrence
A.4 'Villa Huxley', la Gorguette at Sanary-Sur-Mer
A.5 The later years in California


Original pictures from upper left to right:
1) Aldous Huxley in the garden of villa "Huley"The local worker in charge of painting the name Huxley on the gate couldn't handle the pronunciation and skipped the X of Huxley. It was kept that way 2) Fosca Gori on the cliff near-by La Gorguette, 3) Maria and Aldous chatting, 4) Rina Rontini and Gulia Gori in front of the veranda of 'Villa Huxley', 5) In front of the Bugatti in La Gorguette: Camilla Marchetti, Gulia Gori, Emile Verbano (Rina's first husband), Rina Rontini, Matthew Huxley, 6) In the Huxley's garden: Aldous Huxley, Sybille Bedford, Gerald Heard, Eddy Sackville-West, Eva Herrmann, 7) Picnic in the 'Villa Huxley' garden

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