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A. Huxley in Sanary 2.2

My first source of information

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If they had left this world in 1955 for Maria, and 1963 for Aldous, their son Matthew born in 1920 survived them. I had in mind to approach him cautiously, wherever he might be. So before the turn of the year 2005 I managed to send an E-mail to the Los Angeles representative of the Huxley Estate, Doris Hasley.

Kimberley Cameron from Reece Halsey North indicated me you were actually representing Aldous Huxley Estate. I am writing you from Sanary in the South of France, the very place where A Huxley wrote "Brave New World". I plan on studying the seven years the writer spent in the place where I myself live today. From the beginning I have been puzzled by the contrast between the world he described in the book and the peaceful place he lived at the time of his writing. There are very few lines on the Net, and to my knowledge little has been said or published about this period, beside perhaps Sybill Bedford’s biography, but I haven't read it yet. Would it be in the realm of your possibility to indicate me who to ask, where to look, to write, to dig up material about this period of time?
Your help on the matter will be infinitely welcome for I won't be able to travel for research.
Hope to read you soon, cordially, Gilles Iltis

At that time I just wanted to write my research paper and perhaps a short biographical notice to correct the errors made here and there on the Internet. I soon get carried away, when on January 10, 2005 I received the following piece of mail: Thank you for your query, which I have forwarded to Matthew Huxley and son, Trev. I will dine with Huxley's widow tomorrow but she did not marry Aldous 'till 1956, after Baroness Niss' death. (She was Matthews mother, Maria). If Laura has any info, I'll communicate again. Best wishes - Dorris Halsey

Followed three days later by a most rewarding answer:
Dear Gilles Iltis
My agent Dorris Halsey forwarded your email to me. As Aldous' son, I have memories of the time we lived Sanary and the house, La Gorguette. I was a boy when Aldous was writing Brave New World so how informative I can be is questionable. I am intrigued with your observations about Sanary with relation to BWN . Further, I am curious about your project. A bit more detail would provide me with a clearer idea of what you are looking for; and if and how I might be able to help you.
If you are interested in Aldous, his life and work; you do want to avail yourself of Sybille Bedford's Aldous Huxley, A Biography 1974 Chatto & Windus in UK Alfred A. Knopf in US. We met Sybille in the south of France and she became a dear friend to me; as she was a dear friend of my parents, Aldous and Maria. Her's is a biography that reflects her knowledge and experience of Aldous and gives a flavour of the flow of his life and work and his acquaintances and friendships. Aldous was a great correspondent and with the names of the visitors and friends who came to Sanary you would be able to track down the observations of others on life at La Gorguette.
Another book that might shed light on Sanary is Letters of Aldous Huxley edited by Grover Smith Chatto and Windus; while I cannot point to particular letters in the volume there maybe letters about Sanary, the house, and the life there; maybe even the writing of Brave New World.
I look forward to hearing from you. - Matthew Huxley

Aldous Huxley’s son himself gave me my first biographical resources. This was a very good start indeed!


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