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A. Huxley in Sanary 2.3

The main witness

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Up until now I had in hand the material Fosca Gori had the kindness to let me use. By themselves the copies of the photographs were a valuable base to work on; I knew that Maria had taken most of them, but who were the people in them? At what period approximately were they taken? Concerning the letters and the postcards, it was much easier to decipher them because despite the fact they were written in Italian, most of them were dated and described in accurate detail Maria Huxley’s first impressions when confronted with the new country. All these documents seemed to be most valuable unpublished testimonies.

San Cristobal, New Mexico
Dear Gulia,
We are really lost in the far-away mounts and deserts. We chose to spend summer in a little adobe house almost at almost 10 000 feet, 4 milesaway from the main road by a orrendous steep and windy road. We live in a house where the cooking is made on a wooden stove, water brought by a mexican…
When I’ll be done writing I will cook my bread for we will all be nice and warm in the kitchen. Indeed I came to America to live like the savages…
… for now on we haven’t seen bears, but we are told that there is some, but harmless they are if let alone. I’d rather not meet any…


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